Biological threat assessment

Biosecurity requirements for companies, as well as CBBs preparedness prioritisations, are based on scientific threat assessments and analyses. Threat assessment involves experiments and trials in relation to biological weapons development. This is conducted at a strategic level in relation to, for example, the overall biotechnological development and its implications for offensive use; at an operational level by carrying out experiments with dual-use materials; and finally, at the tactical level in relation to specific incidents with (suspected) dangerous biological materials.

The analysis of biological security threats includes many variables such as availability of the substances, necessary equipment and technical skills, as well as the potential damage the specific biological substances can cause. Whether there is a desire or willingness to use a biological agent as a weapon is estimated by analysing to which extent a specific biological substance can be used offensively to achieve a specific target. During specific incidents with (suspected) dangerous biological materials, a systematic approach is used to assess the capabilities and motivation of the potential perpetrator.

At an overall level, the figure below illustrates the major categories included in the evaluation of a biological threat assessment. Each variable in the figure includes other, classified, elements:

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